The past is important for perspective…
… it does not, however, provide direction.

Be Present. Today. Right now

Bring your Point B Closer – Strategic Design, Your Future… Now.


Allows us to relate to ourselves as resourceful and able to meet the demands the future may require. We have more freedom and power to access inside us and around us that what we can engage – right now.


Allows for true creativity that generates innovation in the present moment in order to address a future potentiality and turn it into a probability. The past does not have to determine the future.


This is the line of tension that is drawn between possibility and current reality. This is the bridge between the hope we have for the future and current scenario we have grown to tolerate.


Complacency and surrender are no longer the orders of the day but rather an environment of powerful engagement and collaboration has been created to generate results now. People can’t hear what you are saying while they are busy listening to what they are thinking.

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People can’t hear what you are saying

while they are busy listening to

what they are thinking.

– Hendre Coetzee

Your work as a leader is to uncover people’s internal conversations.

Hendre Coetzee


Hendre Coetzee

With over 20 years' experience, Hendre Coetzee has established himself as one of the world's leading executive coaches.