My Story

Context allows for mutuality and connection.
Your story is a starting point to leap into the unknown possibility of the future.

I explore. Perhaps growing up in Africa nurtured that in me. My brother and I grew up with our single parent mother who was committed to giving us a firsthand history expedition through multiple road trips. By the time I was 18 there were few roads (paved and gravel and bush path) left in Southern Africa that I had not ventured into. I love all of it, the new places, urban Mecca’s, the built-up suburbs, the wild bush-bush and the forgotten towns in between.

I love navigating uncharted territory. The most vivid anchor for this value comes from a moment during my time at University in Johannesburg. I had been elected to the student body government for the ‘92/’93 semesters. South Africa was gearing up for the first free elections the following year and we were hosting the first series of series of political debates on campus. One particular day we were hosting Nelson Mandela. I remember him as tall and kind. He asked my name, my field of study and then wanted to know what my contribution to the new South Africa would be.

It seemed so counter-intuitive at that moment. There was so much of the past that needed to be addressed and yet his interest was more in where we were headed. This learning was so clear in the way he led. The only way to deal with the past is to have a future that is worth living for. He never seemed to want retribution for the past. He acknowledged the past, even grieved it but never allowed the feelings around the past design the way forward.

The way forward was designed by the unprecedented potential that lay ahead. I was invited to become a facilitator for the integration of black and white youth and received amazing training in dealing with conflict and managing large group awareness workshops. Designing Point B became a way of life. I have now worked with leaders and organizations in over 55 countries. Hundreds more to go.

I love traction and momentum. Many people confuse potential for probability. Perhaps this happens because when we first gain that moment of enlightenment or see our potential in its full vivid possibility we become completely infatuated with that dream.

The work required to make that dream become reality is usually underestimated. Over the last 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work with multiple executives and their organization in not only designing a way forward during times of huge transition but also in creating the movement and momentum necessary to reach the goals we designed.

I get to invest my time in unlocking people and navigating with them toward the unprecedented future that is only generated through doing the hard work of taking action. There is work to be done. Let’s go get it.

Hendre Coetzee

With over 20 years' experience, Hendre Coetzee has established himself as one of the world's leading executive coaches.